For Centuries Colloidal Silver was a the forefront of home medicine, over the decades it seems to have been pushed aside by new pharmaceutical medicines

However nothing touches it, it really is a gift from the gods, it is still the strongest antibiotic known to man, it kills bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungus, drinking too much of it will turn you blue, though as it is not cheap to buy, and it is taken by the spoonful at most, and at that dose you will not get the blue skin tinge, swigging it from the bottle daily might, whilst you will be perfectly healthy i might add!

Stop and consider how much silverware was on the table of an 18th century dinner table, even plates and cutlery were silver, Farmers used to drop a single silver coin into barrels of water filled with vegetables, why, you ask, it stopped the water going off and the vegetables from going rancid.

As a 3rd party, i can offer you a wonderful product but only in small quantities, this private practice has no interest in setting the world alight with it product, it offers a simple honest colloidal silver, made with distilled water, which is further distilled on site to ensure its purity, they use pure silver, and then spin it for over 20 hours with a very low current being put through the silver, this is a slow process but breaks off the tiniest particles of silver, which are small enough to enter straight into your blood stream and get straight to work, the item must be kept in the dark and consumed within 3 months for maximum effect as the product will loose its charge.

I love the product, i use the product, I can verify the product and its purity, otherwise i would not even mention it on this site, it is verbatim as described.

Their is a plethora of products out their, and various company’s offering differing products, I do not know first hand about any of these, or how they are manufactured. Bigger quantities mean bigger machines and more voltage for speed, these products will not work in the same way as i have described above, to what extent I do not know or is it for me to comment on.

I have however found other opinions from the web, please look yourselves and make an informed choice, I only wish to sing its praises not push for business, Colloidal Silver has been used since 400bc and the pharmaceutical industry has been around approximately 105 years. but if you listen to them it is a miracle we are still here? by there standards it actually is because big pharma have killed more people on this stage we call earth than any other singular entity, now that is a scary statistic, in 1918 during the flu pandemic 50 million people died in that pandemic alone.


As far as disclaimers go there is not one for our customers, it is a perfect, pure product with no other elements or hidden ingredients or any e numbers or anything else for that matter, and disclaimers protect the company from its customers, which is a grave concern to us all.


I am not a Dr, nor do i sell my soul for profit, nor do I sponsor government officials, sponsor health practitioners for favourable outcomes or bribe judges to quash honest healthy competition. I do however act under my natural rights to act in honesty and good faith, and promote the best outcomes for humanity as a whole.

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