We notice lots of young people have anxiety, and the Dr gives medication for it? this piece of shit is filling his pockets and fueling the companys that have killed more people than all the worlds armies combined. And it has only existed for 109 years. Just a thought and a slap to the head, eat natural foods not GMO, use herbs like we did for thousands of years with ZERO side effects. Anyway back to anxiety, its called the unknown, something new , the butterflies get on with it , you will be fine, we all made it through, so respect your elders and ask them, not a poison expert. Face your fear and reface it until you feel comfortable at your own pace.

Great little video here of which we take no credit for :O)

Life is simple, the liars make it complex to hide said lies, listen to a politician for half an hour, did they answer the question ? Another one for you = who put these people in charge of you ? you did, that idiot your grovelling too works for you, dip shit !