Do you know about this wonderful Greek style yogurt and its benefits?

In Whacky World, this is the New Normal! scary thought!

An important factor for anyone with a sensitive gut to GMO and other negative elements fused into our foods, in essence everyone is Gluten Free, in a similar way to say, Penicillin; for some reason at any point in the futire, your body will reject it and then you will become intolerant or have serious adverse effects from it, Gluten intolerance is the same, so for that reason alone it is pertinent and wise to protect your system, before it protects itself, as it will over ride your incompetence eventually. You may have noticed the increase of intolerances to food? You may have noticed people with Thyroid conditions, but you may have noticed the agencies that protect the ingredient’s  within our food industry and its acceptable standards, are incompetent, to cut a long story short;

Ingredients in this GcMaf Yogurt:

  1. In this particular product “450 billion bacteria” for gut health and wellbeing
  2. RAW Milk is full of everything you require, unlike the negative elements of pasteurised milk, in which the boiling and sterilising of the milk kills all the elements and goodness we actually require.
  3. Colostrum is also placed into the Yogurt to boost your immune system
  4. Yogurt Starter Culture

And a yogurt maker for simplicity and maintain hygiene

And that is it, I will include a link on how you can make this yourself, or if you are unsure a local provider can make you this to ensure it is perfectly made and balanced;

Other products and worthy of a page in its own right;

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