The Police hand book, a useful document as most seem to ignore it, though they are personally liable.

The Police hand book, a useful document as most seem to ignore it, though they are personally liable.

Please read through the document above, it is very informative

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Please contact POLARIS-LAW on here for guidance, common law court, but never citizens advise as they are part of the system, if you do not already know!

You never need to talk with these people, they are only people in a funny outfit, who we pay for, and we gave them the funny outfit so we can spot them a mile off, any authority they have was gifted by the People, and as such they have no more authority than the people who gifted said authority, should they have more, that is a fraud, a lie, tyranny and acting outside of their Oath Of Office, and a man or woman impersonating a PC, and prison time awaits, though i digress

Learn law, not legalese, law supersedes it by a very long margin in authority, such as see example below;

CORONAVIRUS UPDATE 07/11/20: Under emergency powers, there is still no general obligation for you to give name, address or personal details to police officers that stop you in the street (unless you are driving a vehicle, in which case see below). However, if the police wish to issue you with a Fixed Penalty Notice and you refuse to give them your details, they are entitled to arrest you (in line with the general arrest conditions set out in Section 24 of PACE). For more info on the legal status of protest see this.

However, depending on your status?

Rice v Connolly: 1966

No Legal Duty to Assist a Constable

At common law there is no legal duty to provide the police with information or otherwise to assist them with their inquiries. Lord Parker set out three questions to be answered when asking whether there had been an obstruction of an officer in the execution of his duties: (1) Was there any obstruction of a constable? (2) Was the Constable acting lawfully in the execution of his duty? And (3) Was the obstruction intended to obstruct the constable in the execution of his duty?

In short, you have no obligation to disclose anything ever, However i am not discussing serious crimes, armed robberies or protecting the public. Which rarely happens as they do not “understand” common law, ironic since their Oaths clearly state they are to act under COMMON LAW.

A Web page or two i stumbled over, which is informative

A Handbook for Litigants in Person

A Handbook for Litigants in Person

Anyone considering performing their own court appearances, for those scally wag , fibbers in Magistrates court who claim you cannot Present yourself, or represent your fiction are incorrect, a misrepresentation of a fact! I call it blatant BS to stitch you up like a kipper via the ones who solicit business on behalf of the Crown, and hold their allegence there also, The Solicitors !