NOTHING TO SEE HERE ! trust the banking overlords , whilst they loan nothing and steal everything.

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Gold and Silver

Gold and Silver

Silver I believe to be the best investment for 2021, though i know nothing and I am not trained or regulated to provide advice,

Though a blind man on a galloping horse can clearly see, the Bankers are criminals on a magnitude I could not possibly cover here, long story short they have done nothing right, nothing ethical, and they will not pay a penny back either, they will go bankrupt with our money and run for the hills, But lets put that behind us and pretend that does not exist,for the purposes of carrying on with the story……..

Hold the line!

So they were the funders and big spenders on child (sex) trafficking with Epstein and the likes of the British Red Cross, place that to the back of your mind also, we need to progress, You know they funded all the wars also? and usury and its sellers of it primarily the money makers the Babylonians favourite past time, has been banned many times over history for its unethical concept and how it entraps and bankrupts country’s, but they never, ever loaned you anything, ever, EVER, it was all your own money, and they robbed you, then stole your houses, well we are there again in history, with the added twist of agenda 2021, with all that said , some people still trust these horrible bastards, or have got fat from the theft (A beneficiary of the scam) it caused most of the worlds people horrendous misery, So in essence ethically i dislike them, they print this worthless paper and stole the peoples gold and silver, rather then hold something of real value, we were given a privilege; called fiat / monopoly money, and for this worthless paper and receiving a benefit we have now got to pay taxes………

Getting that feeling yet!

They manipulate the stock markets and print money like it is going out of fashion, what this does is create? Another secret weapon, inflation, which in turn reduces the spending power of your money, so printing money is STOOOOPID, but the people pay for it, so its all good just raise taxes! So lucky you, gain both ways there too, but they own You so enjoy the show they have lined up,

So i am starting to feel like, its time to get off the bus!

So I looked at the rate silver is mined to gold, 8 times more silver comes out of the ground than gold. Cool, we got a base point to work from, gold to silver over time has been valued at 16 to 1 on average over the course of time, so we already have a margin for growth. That is a positive start, lets see how the money makers have held the market down,,,, but wow silver is valued today, give or take a percent or 2, 82 to 1. and your pound, euro or dollar are loosing value every time more paper is printed?

Is it worth a punt, I would say, to have real wealth in your pocket is a no brainer, and not held with my friends above is also a positive, silver is a widely used mineral and will maintain value while we require circuit boards, and has a commercial value, not simply jewellery, but i prefer not paying taxes for that benefit, which funds wars i hear, Silver is international, no more currency exchanges. throw it in your water to purify it, suck it for home made colloidal silver, plus its pretty, “Why did people store their wealth at home under the bed” ironically it was safer than keeping it in a bank! We also learn that international corporations pay no taxes , nor does it benefit the people around you, so again i prefer to assist my local environment, and i have little interest in parasites who steal our wealth or skills to other country’s, I like local shops and local food, see local smiling faces, but last, but by all means not the least, Silver holding collapses this criminal system, buy some and hold it, its worth is irrelevant actually, if it forces an honest system, however I believe you will gain ten fold and remove the parasite in one swift action!

Anyway listen to some professionals below at Silver Bullion TV


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