Natural Law / Common Law

Natural Law / Common Law

With regards to Common Law, I am an avid supporter of this, some people get confused and assume it is “Freeman on the land” or misconstrue it, in some way,

Essentially Common Law is Natural Law, Gods Law, and thus simple honest, fair and serves the people, the title applied to it is irrelevant, do not get turned off by labels.

Its core essence is simple, do no harm, cause no harm, and cause no loss harm or injury to others, and if applied across the board, we all self police, and self manage, without the need for lawyers or police as we did in the past, not all progress made forward is necessarily good or bad, its a trial and if proved to not work for the people, re look at it and try again;

However, it has been so long since people have stood up and controlled what is rightly theirs, that we tend to leave it to the system in place, and we are at a junction point, of totalitarian control and loss of our complete status and rightful place, do not raise your hand just yet, I will cover that in more detail later, for the point being made is simply we the people are the Common Law,

Do not get overly concerned of my quotes, let yourself glide into this gracefully!

If you doubt anything i have said so far then time for a quick recap:

People fund Governemnt,

People own all Government buildings, land

People have more power than they realise, because we fund it all

We fund Police, Council, NHS, The Crown, the list is endless and we fund it all with our taxes and other (hidden items) i shall cover later,

So government can only give you, what we gave it, but over the years we assume our employees are now our leaders, and this is not the case at all, especially if you know who you are, Do you?

If you need to know more, please contact me or the lovely people below directly, have a good look around you will be amazed!

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