An opportunity to purchase home made small doses of hand made C60 Carbon in The finest Olive Oil, I am offering this product as i know the maker very well and can confirm it is of the finest quality and small scale i.e 1 or 2 employees, being offered here by us as a 3rd party agent,

I personally stumbled across this product 3 years ago, when looking for a natural quality product, that could clear heavy metal toxins from our bodies, or toxins per se, its ability as a carbon molecule within our bodies is amazing, i recall watching it via a Sarah Westall video with 2 scientists via bit-chute or similar platform, and was compelled to learn a little more and where to buy it ! The Olive Oil is also good for our skin, anti-cancer properties, fantastic for heart disease etc, needless to say, today an array of companies offer the product in various forms this is one such company;

Feel free to look for the product or information you wish for, via the internet, there is a plethora of information:

The product is made in individual doses, once ordered to ensure its freshness, the process of spinning the maximum amount and ratio to the Carbon and Finest Olive Oil is applied to make the best product that is humanly possible, spinning the particles of Carbon into the tiniest particulates possible, to prevent the Carbon sinking to the bottom, thus; too heavy to stay within the oil itself, a poorly made and ineffective product,

A personal friend of mine, makes this locally, the oil is spun in a laboratory magnetic machine at a medium pace for 30 hrs, (speed is important) placed into a dark container and shipped directly once made, being thermally insulated to prevent breakage and temperature damage, plastic is never used only glass, again for quality and prevent leaching.

With reference to this product it can be purchased by contacting us here and we act as a 3rd party, for the small private practice and offer a safe form of exchange,


As far as disclaimers go there is not one for our customers, it is a perfect, pure product with no other elements or hidden ingredients or any e numbers or anything else for that matter, and disclaimers protect the company from its customers, which is a grave concern to us all.


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