Where to File UCC & Locate companies abroad

Where to File UCC & Locate companies abroad

Lots of “do good” parasites like to prey on people and offer what can only be regarded as complete nonsense, half truths and variants thereof , but take fist fulls of money from you in the process:

I do not care where you live in the World, what law, YOU “believe applies to you” but the link below is the correct link for you !


Business Registry abroad


Locate a Bailiff, they are all rouge !


Water, the amazing properties of one of lifes, most important ingredients.

Water, the amazing properties of one of lifes, most important ingredients.

I have spent hours and hours trying to locate some amazing videos and research from the past, which appear to have vanished, in the way only the the media suppress machine knows how, hide truthful articles, ,

However i cannot do the subject justice, so please do some research ! what i will recall from memory may not be exact but an insight to get you motivated, i hope;

Water is the only substance on Earth to increase in size on freezing? So icebergs shrink upon melting not increase in size? It is also the only item on earth that can be in three different states of being, a solid (frozen) A liquid(normal state), and a gas (evaporation).

Water holds memory, you can make water unhappy or happy, and it records that information given, Look into the two sealed jars of rice video where one is told it is ugly daily and the other beautiful daily, the differences after a week are astounding, find it yourself :). Why do priests still bless water? Or how water dislikes sharp 90 Degree bends in plumbing and a banging occurs called “cavitation” this violent banging destroys the system eventually, However, using a mild curved 90 degree bend, this does not occur and the water is happier according to scientists.

Is any of this important, I believe so, all life depends upon it! As an example in the water treatment of fish (keeping it simple) your water turns green and you have to utilise filters, UV lighting, pumps and other expensive equipment to maintain good water quality and be able to keep fish alive, what if simply doing as the water wants or more accurately mimicking nature, you could change this by utilising coils of piping, water falls etc, the same level of algae does not occur and you save money in the process and your fish are happier and healthier. There was a system called smart water, which has been mimicked and pushed off the algorithms by the likes of google, and only junk articles come up now sadly.

Accordingly, if you place a drop of water from a swamp which is dirty & polluted this provides a rather ugly formation of molecules and structure and drip it into water which has come from a natural spring which has a beautiful natural formation, the bad drop is converted into the same water as it is dropped into, (you may call it dilution) however this would be an incorrect conclusion, because if i slowly poured the swamp water into the natural spring water, it would all become cleaner healthier water, water does have memory, and what does all this mean you wonder?

Water and children love excitement!

Our current water systems are becoming more and more poisoned , more polluted and containing more oestrogen, bleaches, and other un-natural substances, and that is before we defecate or urinate into it, not to mention large companies that dump their waste and by products into this wonderful fluid of life, it is hardly surprising the water standards are dropping so dramatically, what if the water you drink does not like you! and you are made of roughly 90% water, are their hidden health benefits and negatives to this, the short answer is Yes of course it has a detrimental effect on our overall health.

In the UK the water is heavily treated with chemicals, one such chemical is called Fluoride and another is Chlorine, both nasty chemicals, and not what it is claimed to be! it is a copy of the product first used by Hitler to subdue the Jews in those camps, have a read into that subject, please have a look at the article below:


In Sweden in the mountains the water is fantastic, after just a few days there I feel amazing, not sluggish at all, everything tastes different too, no scum or anything when i make a cup of tea for instance. That is however at the top of the mountain straight from nature, as the water drops down the mountain into differing villages and more pollution is added by households and factories, the quality somewhat drops. What I have not tested and I do wish too; is I read perfectly natural water has a PH of 9, very alkaline, we also know cancers grow in a acidic environment, and our water quality in the UK is approximately 6.5 to 7 in PH something to note!

There really is so much to water, and we seem to have forgotten the knowledge we once had, although i have just dipped a toe into one of natures wonders, and your main ingredient to life, not only is it the best conductor of electricity, it stores memory, not to mention the Hydrogen element of water for water powered engines, via HHO technology, once the hydrogen is extracted it could be used to power cookers , heating and we have an abundance of water, all naturally recharged and replaced by nature on Earth where it consumes 3/4 of the Earths face!

Have a look and dive into this subject, it is huge!

If your not sure Di-still your water, it is simple, in the past the water supply has been used as an avenue to poison people, quiet, effective not obvious and can clear towns, infect cities, it also opens another avenue of research, why land owners of the past would purify their own water, via their own wells, make alcohol within their own e-states for safety and health preservation.

The benefit of doing your own bore hole or well , it has been filtered by nature, it picks up natural minerals you require, filters can be fitted if you live in a harsh area, plus next door and the rest of your town or city has not defecated in it, that aside an important essential fluid such as H20 should not be under the control of others but yourself, in my humble opinion, plus you will save money faster than you think once your bills have vanished !

Oh and its free, no one owns it, we all equally own our portion, so time we stood up and made the change we wish to see! Large corporations exist because we pay and support them, Please do not, be thoughtful, ethical and respectful to our nature, remember we make the world revolve not companies, Spend your money wisely but more importantly protect you and your family’s health, your community’s health, your country’s health, it is your world so lets all be accountable for what happens to it, no more trusting others with our health, that has proved the most deadly of Russian Roulette games of all time.