What is CSF? your soul swims within it

What is CSF? your soul swims within it

The Cerebrospinal Fluid and the Appearance of “I Am”, Mauro Zappaterra

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there is a lot of research in this area , keep looking at different sites as some resonate more than others, but all knowledge is good of course, do not expect to find the answer your looking for first time, even the thought, is one of ludicrous proportions 🙂

Look at Simona Rich s web site https://simonarich.com/ another interesting way to present the topic, from a differing perspective,

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Gematria, So What Do You Know About It

Gematria, So What Do You Know About It

For myself, I found this a fascinating concept, how messages were hidden within messages, some people would see them messages, and others would not, the uninitiated were oblivious to its existence.

This opens the concept that your eyes do not see all, but only what they are trained to see, something i would have laughed at and scoffed with friends over a few years ago, however they are required to be trained as in any other skill.

As an example; you cannot play the piano without knowledge foresight and training, or be a master craftsman without time, effort and meticulous skill, whilst those are practical skills, and can be defined clearly from something non physical such as sight!

Gematria is one of many ways in which your eyes are deceived, so this is so much more than the title suggests ! Gematria is a numerical value for letters, in its simplest form A=1. B-2, C=3 etc, however numerous calculations have been derived over the years such as , English, Jewish, Satanic, and so forth have a look at the calculator here: https://www.gematrix.org/

Now you can go to the headlines of newspapers and look for Capital letters out of place , and calculate the numerical values and see what comes up, which best suits the situation your dealing with, Sometimes they deliberately mispronounce words to provide hints, and provide different meanings or outcomes, because of the misused word,

what inspired apple, pepsi and alike, google it ! search for hidden meanings, car logos, police badges, flags, fringe meanings to flags in court, what do crowns mean held by the governments? you will realise nothing is by accident or a coincidence , it was always hidden in plain sight, just you were one of the ones called uninitiated, just like me, never told or educated on the topic or secrets they held,,,,,,,,,,,, only a few were to know. who?