How we are viewed part two by BS and parasites

How we are viewed part two by BS and parasites

So i write this to Mark: 19th Jan 2021

To: Smith Mark <>
Subject: a letter from you

Dear Mark

I have received a letter from you in relation to an event which took place on 13th August 2020, your letter is dated 20/09/2020

It was in relation to an account freeze from a scum bank, unlawfully and illegally withholding funds, I was well within my rights to be extremely disappointed not to be able to collect my funds from a frozen account after being told I could take my funds else where by a more senior fraud investigation unit,

I am somewhat surprised without such knowledge you feel you are in a position to intervene and make a determination, unless of course you were present, did attend or can clarify how you determined my perspective, and surrounding circumstances,

In relation to a public service, I am of the opinion “it” cannot restrict access for 1 or a few, it is either public or private? I do however accept until i had fully calmed down to the theft and embezzlement of said funds, by a rouge actor, it was in their interests I did not attend. Though it was the decision of said individual in which i spoke too, the bank were not at fault or anyone else, so my complaint was indeed correct and made with the appropriate individual, .

I would however like your perspective on how you derived your conclusion.

By order of, PAUL HARRIS

By Paul Harris, the minister of said fiction

Pretty polite self explanatory vocalisation of what has occurred, i was intrigued on how the bank were not at fault, but this man PC833 felt he was in a position to tell me i could not visit? and with all branches closing my choices are limited, and felt he missed the bigger picture, but with my insistence i could prevail….. i didn’t really just testing your awake!

Marky Marks response

Smith Mark <>To: Paul 19/01/21 14:021  

Hello Paul,

I have multiple members of bank staff that were present at the time of the incident. The building society manager also has the right to bar anyone from the branch they see fit. I therefore have passed this message on to you. A public order offence has been recorded however no further action will be taken at this time.

It is in your interests not to attend the building society in question as they have been advised to call the Police. If an officer is subsequently deployed you could end up being arrested for breach of the peace as you had previously been advised of the ban.

You are partly correct in your email, the police cant issue a ban (at this stage) however the manager at the branch can.


PC 833 Mark Smith |Initial Investigation Team | Force HQ

( Telephone: 101 Ext 345677

:   Email:

+ Address: Northants Police HQ, Wootton Hall Park, Northampton, NN40JQ

Fair play to Marky Mark, he is standing tall, and i must conform to what i am told? He has made his judgement and that is it , he knows law , he follows law, and I know nothing, be told, sit down and shut up!

I think lets test this guy out, if he is a good egg he will respond and take the bait, its called forced into action, pressured into doing something right, no response as yet, but my final email goes like this!>To: Smith Mark;19/01/21 19:061  Hi Mark

Thank you for your mail, I wish to debate this a moment as your a sensible man trying to keep the peace, or push the bankers dream, either or, I am not overly worried either way, I will do as i think best for me, my property and my family,

Who attended my property after the bank visit? 4 police constables attended my private home in total,after the event?

With reference to legislation or keeping the peace, theft / embezzlement is a criminal offence though supported by the Police on this occasion, and further supported by your lovely letter,

Now i have no interest in committing crimes, but injustice or theft i will not tolerate, irrespective to who says otherwise or anyone elses opinion, it is irrelevant, nor have they being harmed, a mere 3rd party interloper,

Whilst i have been harmed by the bank (call it as you wish, they are all owned and controlled by the same people), I am entitled to seek justice with or without your assistance, lets say you are understaffed, in which case i must do it alone, not ideal but their is no other option and i was more than capable of having a civil dispute with who was present, without further intervention, i left peacefully and no harm or damage was done to anyone, well apart from Me, they locked an account with over 27k in it, and bills required paying, people have starved to death for much less? direct debits bounced, items cut off potentially, and for 3 months i note, what is your solution to the problem?

As you know their are two sides to a coin, address my concerns for me?

You could of course use plausible deniability, though that is lame and very weak and constantly fails under testing in Law, plus i have no contract with the UK Corporation on which all your acts, statutes and legislation rests, so in essence your committing a crime by even attending, stopping, mailing or anything else, it is called trespassing my person, my property all without support of law, willingly and knowingly?

This is my opinion and i am sure yours will differ,

I really do appreciate your advise, though i only listen to myself, I am always honest , straight and am not a problem for anyone bar the protectors of such crimes, i believe the term is accomplices!

For your records:

Public order offence null and void, it is actually fraud to suggest it applies to me, but i digress

Deployed police, null and void (birth cert in Cambell square, should you wish to exert your authority and arrest the fiction, who you do own and control under the guise of slavery, we shall turn a blind eye to that)

Correction:: the manager can not apply a ban, only the owner can 🙂 which again is null and void under acts from government, they over rule every company, irrespective of beliefs, and law dictates that for government. And the people believe they dictate government, but the queen does that and we apparently dictate to the queen, but that is a conversation for another time.

I have no interest in creating a scene here, I am genuinely interested on how our moral compasses are so far adrift, as i assume we are both good people.

I thank you again for your thoughts and rationale

kind regards


As i say no response, does that mean no crime was committed to me by the BS, or by the lying rouge police who smashed my back door in?

More importantly is that manipulating and fabricating evidence to support one side over another, ignoring law? fraud in law unravels all, so in this instance should i take them to court they have already lost from their own misconduct,

Obviously a true personal story of a man that stood up for himself, those who fear them now will never cope if they are given more power and control, and we are seeing it more and more every day, I will not be a slave to the people i fund, in the words of William Wallace, we desrve FREEDOM we have paid for it, the rest ride our backs.

a taster of what is too come, and spare a thought for the ones who do make a small difference behind the scenes for all our benefit.

What is evident, is i have a case against this man PC833 Acting as a public official? though refusing to accept my rights as given by god, and wishes to force me into a system of legalese where i am seen as the “Governments Property” for the purposes of extortion…control… arrest, and abuse, However to wear a uniform, show a badge number and provide correspondence via letter and email, contrary to law and our constitution, is a criminal offence, and as such his employers the “State” cannot protect such individuals operating outside of law , and a clear win is to be had with in the High court, and Supreme court, 100% win, as actually the system is there to protect us from harm, loss or injury, you just need to know how to achieve it!

I also feel a little compassion for the above as he is acting as trained, but also oblivious to the wrongs being committed, likewise, he is extorting people, using excessive force and Not following his oath of office, or his handbook, so in essence I am protecting the State from bad actors, and not against the State.

No 3rd party or direct party, has the right to view, share or use any material, for statistics or any other purpose, without my written express agreement to it, and then only by the signing of my hand and by my private trust seal, any and all information taken from this site or any of its trusted customers will be pursued as theft. No legalese applies in regard to our natural rights, or can any legislator effect our rights in any way, this protects the site and its customer’s privacy as dictated by the constitution. Unfortunately to many data breaches or hacks have been witnessed, thus “we the collective” are not interested, or can we be pursued in any way for failure to provide information without you first being liable for fraud, theft, embezzlement, encroaching on freedom of speech and breach of trust and a plethora of other heinous crimes.